30 August 2012

Ethan has returned to his usual happy self, full of great playful energy and no signs of whatever ran through his system.  I’ve noticed that the dogs are getting very accustom to patterns in their little world.  They come to me easily when I get the leashes, they don’t get tangled nearly as much during our walks and they even return to their kennel area easily when I’m preparing to leave.  It’s nice to see what great progress they’re making.

28 August 2012

Poor Ethan is not feeling well!  When I arrived I could tell something was amiss from the obvious smells wafting about and sure enough, the poor fellow had become sick in his little kennel carrier.  Fortunately, neither had anything
on them and it turns out he had been ill the previous night and they both received a nice bath.  After cleaning up the problem area, he began to dry heave and I took him outside and he discharged the contents of his tummy.  Poor little guy.  Fortunately, Joel wasn’t sick.  During our walk, Ethan seemed to perk up quite a bit and was very happy about life.  I touched base with the puppy parents

27 August 2012

It’s great to see our friends Joel and Ethan again, but it’s amazing how much they’ve grown in the last few weeks.  Not only are they bigger, but they’re also getting a little more maturity and working through their energy in leaps and bounds.  Joel isn’t as intimidated of Ethan as he was earlier this month, so it’s great to see him holding his own ground.  Ethan isn’t jumping on him quite as much in that big brother kind of way.

15 August 2012

Today was our last day for a bit with Ethan and Joel, though their energy didn’t indicated they had no idea.  They were quite spunky and delightful during our walk around the community.  They seem to be back to a regular cycle of digestion and regulation, so I’m sure everyone’s a bit relieved.  Little munchkin has enjoyed the times I allowed him to come along and meet the puppies, and I think they definitely loved him.  They licked, jumped and played with him as if he was one of their own.  Later in the evening, he asked when we could walk them again.  He seems to know they need walking and I think they’ve become his favorite among those puppies and doggies he’s met.

14 August 2012

This evening we had a rather interesting visit with the two pups. As things were winding down from our normal walk, an off-leash dog several times their sizes came trotting toward us. 
Being uncertain how friendly the dog may be, I picked up the pups to carry them inside to a safe environment, though the larger dog followed.  Though the dog had a tag with just the license number and phone number for Animal Control, there was no way of easily contacting the owner, so we had to have the dog picked up.  I felt horrible having to call, but it’s far better than allowing the dog to simply roam and possibly be taken home by some stranger who kept the beautiful dog or worse - being hit by a car.  

Joel and Ethan handled it quite well and seemed eager to make friends, though I made sure to keep them safely away from the larger pet since we just weren’t familiar enough with him.

13 August 2012

Today we visited Ethan and Joel twice and had a great time.  Like yesterday, Joel seems to tolerate Ethan’s frolicking of playful pounces, but I think it wears on him a bit.  He doesn’t seem to be as playful after the first few times Ethan jumps upon him.  Poor little fellow!

They’re still not eating food during my visits and I’ve only been successful at this a few times, other than the typical treats for being very good little puppies.  Munchkin likes to call the treats tummy-yummies!

12 August 2012

I forgot to bring the camera yesterday, then this evening the pictures of our playful puppy friends were blurry, convincing me it’s time for a new camera.

Ethan has grown into a much more dominant puppy, often pouncing on Joel for playtime and during walks.  Poor little Joel understands he’s the smaller pup and seemed quite insecure and sad yesterday, especially after about a dozen silly pounces.  I wondered if he could speak if he would take on the typical role of little brother: “Mom...Dad...tell Ethan to quit picking on me.”  It was sadly cute.

11 August 2012

We were delighted to have Joel and Ethan’s parents call us to spend some time with them this week.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown in just a few short weeks of not seeing them, particularly Ethan.  He’s so big and as playful as ever.  A little refreshing of their water, a lot of petting and a snack after their post-walk wipe-down and the puppies were ready for some rest.  They’re still not eating mid-day meals for the most part, but I’ll keep leading them to their crunchy lunch.

24 July 2012

We wrapped up this week’s visits with Ethan and Joel and I pleased with how well they adapt to being around new people.

It’s still a bit of a challenge to have them eat in the mid-day either before or after their walk, but at least one day they both devoured a nice meal.  I hope we get to see both of them again quite soon.  Munchkin was sad to have missed walking them today because of soccer practice.

23 July 2012

These are two of the most delightful clients any professional pet sitter could have the joy of visiting. 
Seriously, do they take puppy happy snacks before we visit?  Are they constantly visiting special personality coaches?  

It’s just amazing that Ethan and Joel aren’t from the same litter since they mirror each other so well.  Ethan is clearly the leader, but Joel has quite the spunky personality of independence.  Together, they are two of the most adorable pets that we could visit.  I think we’ll be quite sorry to see them leave at the end of the summer.   This morning I heard Munchkin telling them a story, voicing their responses with special little inflection.  They didn’t seem to mind one bit.

22 July 2012

I neglected to bring a camera this morn, but it gave us just as much pleasure to see Joel and Ethan entertaining everyone with their charm as we paraded around the neighborhood. 

I was really pleased with how much they devoured after their walk, which is far better than the previous two days.  We actually spent more time with them today than normal because we didn’t have anything immediately following this sitting assignment.  I think it gave munchkin a bit more of an understanding of how to watch their signals since I wasn’t asking him to stop so I could take a photo.  He’s always happy to do it, but hasn’t always understood what to notice for potty queues.

21 July 2012

Our new friends have added a bit of joy to our day.  It’s always great to work with new puppies and watch their natural curiosity and abundance of spirited energy.

They were quite good about letting us get them on the leashes and even better about rushing outside to go for their walk.  They seem to have developed a favorite path, and we’ve let
them do a little leading, though within reason.  Everyone we greet on our walk seems to show a keen interest of adoration, young and old alike.  The kids especially take great joy in asking if they can pet the puppies, and we oblige.  The puppies seem quite thrilled to make new friends.

It’s been a while since we’ve worked with young dogs this age, though we have clients with smaller dogs this size.  I’m still surprised about how much these little tikes can do on their potty breaks.  I was taken by surprise a bit yesterday, but this time was ready with my prepped bags at the ready.  Munchkin responded with, “Oh, we have to wait for them to finish, Daddy.”   He’s quite patient with them, and they in return keep him laughing.

20 July 2012

Today was our first walk with our new puppy friends, Joel and Ethan.  The thing that strikes you immediately about these two is how eager they are to show affection and secure your favor.   It’s easy to see why they were chosen, there are lots of little indicators about their amazing charm.

Munchkin and I spent a nice amount of time getting to know them, letting them get their mid-morning exercise and lots of licks and jumps. 
He was absolutely thrilled to be able to give them a special bacon treat after getting them inside and cleaning them after the walk.  The puppies responded quite positively with good energy, then munchkin responded in kind with a squeal of glee.  I think they are all quite fond of each other.

Later this evening our little toddler continued to talk about Joel and Ethan and helping walk them to “go potty.”

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