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Our Pet and Plant Care originally started in a small side project in 2006 while my wife and I were living in Seattle and shortly after the birth of our son. Still mesmerized by the sound of the adding machine, filing taxes and random potato sack races in my accounting job, a door opened to create Our Pet and Plant Care.   Seeing my son interact with a larger world of animals, I knew he would develop the same compassion and joy that started when I was his age.

I’ve spent my life surrounded by the joyful presence of cats, dogs, a horse and a farm full of amazing creatures.  Watching my son interact with our cat, Isabelle gave me the inspiration that a pet sitting service was a unique opportunity to spend the day with my toddler son, great animals and occasionally some gardening.  While he doesn’t always get to accompany me for larger pets, he’s incredible with those he’s met as well as helpful with his hand shovel and toddler water pale. 
Together we’ve made for a dynamic team.  He memorizes pets name and includes them in his pretend play at home.

When my wife’s was offered a chance to relocate from UC San Diego back to UW for a research position at UW, we knew that I would transition from an office job to working at home on projects that creatively included our son.

I miss the random potato sack races with former co-workers, but this is work I truly love.  Amazingly, I get to do it with my son.


A Little About Us

For your safety and for that of your pet, we are licensed, bonded, insured and certified in emergency pet CPR/First Aid by the American Red Cross.